Twiinkle's Yoga

Twinkle Bachkaniwala

Certified (ERYT- 500hrs) Yoga and Meditation Coach | Therapeutic Yoga | Customised Nutritional Plan

Twinkle is a certified (RYT 500 Hrs) teacher of Yoga by Yoga Alliance USA, The Ministry of Ayush (India) and Sri Sri School of Yoga.

As a certified Yoga coach, I have been teaching meditation for the past 16 years. My interest and expertise in the subject has contributed to the transformation of thousands of lives and that has been a truly humbling experience.

I see my life as one that’s lived with a strong spiritual foundation and my journey towards spirituality began 20 years ago which was directed by my love and dedication for yoga and meditation. My transformation in ideologies and lifestyle is what I believe is the key to my success, happiness and efficiency in life.

As someone who is deeply passionate for social service, I channelize my energies towards running a vegan accessories company which brought out my true aesthetics. With the same intentions, I joined Praakritik and my role as a Business Head has been vital in bringing the best of organic products available directly from the farmers to the consumers, while keeping in mind customer satisfaction and quality standards.

Today I'm in gratitude to be identified as a successful corporate trainer, personal life-coach and yoga and meditation coach.

This lifestyle change brought in tremendous happiness and steadiness in my life. I do believe that through yoga, modulations of the mind can be metamorphosed.

I would love to hear from you. Send me a message or ask me any question.